Android க்கான Recovery Mode

Boot Samsung Galaxy into Recovery Mode

For Galaxy S6/S5/S4 or other Samsung devices, you should firstly turn the phone off by holding down the Power key and select "Power off" option. Keep pressing and holding Power Key, Volume+ and Home button at the same time until you enter the Recovery Mode. Now, just select "reboot system now" to boot your Samsung device.

Get into Recovery Mode on LG
To start with, get your LG power off. Press and hold the Power key and Volume- button simultaneously. When the LG logo appears, release the keys. Then, immediately press the Power and Volume- button again until the Hard Reset menu displays. Once the menu showed, press Power button to confirm hard reset. Now, your LG is in the Recovery Mode.

Enter Recovery Mode on HTC
First thing that you need to do is to go to Settings, then Battery and uncheck the option that says FASTBOOT. Power off the smartphone and wait for 5 seconds until it completely switches off. Then, press and hold Volume- button and press the Power key to turn the phone on. When the device is on, release the Power key, but keep holding the Volume- button to enter Bootloader Mode. Use the Volume down button to navigate to the options in Bootloader Mode, and confirm "Recovery" option with Power button. In this way, you can get into Recovery Mode.

Enter Recovery Mode on Google Nexus
If your smartphone is on, turn it off. Press and hold the Volume- and Volume+ buttons, and then press and hold the Power button at the same time until the device turns on. You'll see the word "Start" with an arrow around it. Press the Volume- button twice to highlight "Recovery". Press the Power button to start Recovery mode.

Note: Different Android devices have different key combines to enter bootloader or fastboot mode. Generally, holding "Volume down" key/"Volume up" key and "Power" key together works for most Android phones. If it doesn't help, you may need to download third-part apps to help you out.

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