RecBoot பயன்படுத்தி iDevice ஒன்றை Recovery Mode க்கு கொண்டு வருதல்

Recboot for Mac or Windows - Enter and Exit Recovery Mode

Want to download Recboot ? Then either you’re lazy or you’re in serious trouble with your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone. RecBoot is a free software which allow anyone to send his/her iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone to Recovery Mode with one click of your mouse directly from Mac or Windows PC. Most of the people who wants to Download RecBoot are always seems to be in trouble, either their Home Button is broken/not working or their iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop.

By Recovery Mode Loop I mean to say a kind of software failure which arise mainly from faulty iTunes software or incomplete iOS Update installation, it makes your device continuously boot into recovery mode, even when you want it boot in normal mode.

If you’re going through any such situation please don’t worry as it not going to help you, there are lots of possible solution which could make your device boot into normal mode and work like before without spending a penny. However if your iPhone gone to recovery mode because of hardware failure then you have to contact Local Apple Care.

1) Link to Download Recboot > RecBoot for Mac and RecBoot for Windows

Windows Version - Download from Google Drive

Mac Version - Download from Google Drive

2) Run Recboot, then connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to Computer.

3) Once your i-device is recognized you’ll find two button on Recboot window.

4) Left Button is to “Enter Recovery Mode” and right one is to “Exit Recovery Mode”.

5) After you make sure your device is connected properly, click the desired button to enter command to your iPhone from your Computer.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to download recboot for Mac or Windows PC and use it properly to enter or exit recovery mode.
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